There is a longstanding belief that all dogs that are abandoned have problems. This is sometimes the case but there are lots of other reasons, eg family breakups, moving to accommodation that does not allow pets, illness, owners going into aged care, to name a few. 

The animals that ARCH rescue from pounds or people place in our care vary in age and breed.  Some are puppies abandoned at an early age by people who have allowed their dogs to mate and have given no thought on what to do with the offspring.  Some are old and need more care than the previous owners were prepared to offer.  Some have never been trained and have become difficult to manage for this reason.  Others are long-loved pets of people who have died or gone into aged care. Rescued animals are not always well-behaved, well-cared for animals.  Some have been neglected, maltreated or have had no proper veterinary care – but they all deserve  a chance. 

Once in ARCH’s care they are given health checks, vaccinated, microchipped and desexed if not already done, and given any medical treatment required, training and love.  These animals respond to this care and can within a short period of time become loving animals who know they have been given another chance. 

When you choose to adopt you save a life and allow our foster carers at ARCH to take another animal off “the kill list”. 

Adopting a rescued animal will be rewarded over and over again by the love you receive from your new family member    

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