Katie (Katy)

"Katy is a 5 year old Border Collie who loves people and all the pats and cuddles she can get. She is a beautiful and smart individual who loves to please and loves nothing more than being with her human. She loves going for walks and exploring the big wide world but will always look over her shoulder to make sure her human isn't too far. Her engagement and recall when out and about is great, she can become distracted by other people though so will need work on these. She can sit when asked and sits for her breakfast daily and is very polite when her bowl needs to be taken away or when treats are given. She is great with adults and children alike, but can become anxious when there is a lot of noise, so a family with older children is desirable. Due to her not being trained or socialised when younger she is unpredictable with dogs as she doesn't understand "dog language", so meets and greets are a MUST to ensure they will get along. She will also need basic training. She can already sit but needs help learning to drop, stay, wait etc. She tries really hard to understand so with commitment and patience she will pick them up in no time! She does pull on lead, so will need someone who can work with her on this or who will reach out to a trainer for help. Since she loves her humans so much, Katy does unfortunately suffer from general and separation anxiety. Which means she needs a home where there isn't a lot of noise and ideally where someone will either be home a lot or who can take her to work. Her new family will need to be willing to work with Katy on her anxiety and will need to understand how to handle a dog with anxiety. She really is a beautiful dog, who deserves the best furever home so we are dedicated to finding her just that. If you feel you are the family for her then please reach out to organise "a meet and greet with the family."

Age: Five years
Breed: Border Collie
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Listed: 11 Sep 2018