PIPPA - Toy poodle 5 y/o female cream desexed, microchipped, C3 vaccinated and had a dental in 2018 Located in Coffs Harbour NSW Adoption fee $350 Now here is where it gets tricky - Pippa can be the sweetest little dog, she loves to cuddle, play with her toys, go for a walk, she is housetrained, is not a picky eater and sleeps in her own crate. Pippa is an inside dog, with very high grooming requirements (as with all poodles). BUT she is also quite an anxious little girl in new situations - and by anxious I mean snappy. She takes a long time to warm to new people and other animals. It took five days in care before she would stop growling at me and come out of her crate. She becomes stressed when I have visitors and retreats to her crate and barks and growls until they are gone. And if I try to interact with her when she is stressed she can bite even me. And like many small dogs, she is not keen on being groomed (but is easy to bathe). SO - is she really adoptable? We have had some people suggest that maybe she is not. I do not believe this is the case, she just needs the right home. She would be best suited to a home with only one or two people living there, someone who is home a lot, and someone experienced with this type of dog. Another requirement will be a quiet home, not too many people coming and going. I believe her problem is primarily anxiety (and lack of training) and with time ( a lot of time) she can become more adaptable. She has adapted reasonably well to living with myself, my husband and my adult son (who can handle her without difficulty) and my pack of 7 adult dogs ranging in size from shihtzu to doberman. She is not keen on boisterous dogs, but if they are happy to potter around her in the garden that is fine with her. Visiting dogs are not okay though. If after reading this, you still think Pippa could be the dog for you, please reply to this email to arrange a meet and greet.

Age: Five years
Breed: Toy Poodle
Sex: Female
Size: Small
Listed: 14 Sep 2018