AS AT 6TH JUNE DUE TO A HUGE RESPONSE, NEW APPLICATIONS ARE CURRENTLY BEING SUSPENDED Millie - 7 month old cavalier x poodle - female - still a puppy - lovely nature - good with cats and other same size dogs so far - confident, pretty good recall so far, loves snuggles and happy to curl up on your lap when not playing - ideally would love a similar size/energy doggy companion - learning to use a doggy door - available for adoption now - please message arch with your email address for an adoption application Update on Millie from her carer:- She’s a smart little personality that’s unfolding the more she’s here. I reckon she’s good to go but needs to be where there’s a suitable puppy playmate. She is good with the cats and is getting quite confident in pushing her way into the pack hierarchy lol. She’s food/treat oriented (sits for treats well) and exhibited good recall at the park (even without the promise of treats). Not sure of ‘open’ areas such as the beach tho. We have had no accidents inside but she isn’t sure of the dog door for going out but will push her way in. Loves snuggles and happy to curl up on your lap when not playing. Is getting a little needed weight/condition on and should be a tad softer once the dodgy clip job grows out

Age: dob: 6/10/2018
Breed: Cavalier x Poodle
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Listed: 03 Jun 2019