About Fostering.


The only way ARCH can reduce euthanasia rates in pounds is with the help of foster carers.  All a good foster carer needs to have is a love of animals, a desire to save lives and a willingness to share their home with ones in need.

Foster caring is rewarding but can be hard work. A lot of animals rescued by ARCH have come from unknown experiences and respond differently to all sorts of stimuli. They need time to adjust and be made to feel safe and loved.

Some animals may need foster care for one week or months, and so as a foster carer helping the animal adjust to feeling safe and displaying acceptable social behaviour can be a challenge, but ARCH is here to help.

Foster carers generally supply all of the animal’s daily needs such as food, bedding and toys. ARCH will always try to assist with this.  ARCH will however cover any medical needs or special needs the animal may require.

If you can’t be a foster carer maybe you know someone who could, the more carers we have the more animals we can save.

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