Animal Rescue Coffs Harbour

Animal Rescue Coffs Harbour rescues animals from pounds and the streets to save the lives of animals and find them loving and caring homes.

Adoptee of The Month


FLYNN - our "old" boy arrived in care yesterday and oh lordy.... he is divine. We don't believe he is as old as originally thought - that is natural colour on his muzzle, not grey! He is mature, but we doubt he is 11-12 years old as originally estimated. He is quite chilled, very gentle and affectionate. Flynn is very playful with other dogs. At this stage he feels more comfortable being an outside dog. He is in foster care now and we are accepting adoption applications. He will be off to the vet shortly for desexing and an assessment of possible arthritis.

Duchess & Princess

Toby 2

Reggie & Mikey

Booba & Bear


Coming Up!


10 am 28th April 

Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshores Park (southern end) 

Learn about what is involved in being a foster carer for ARCH

Morning tea provided